Benchmark Management Consulting Limited
A team of experienced management consultants focused on the healthcare sector.


Drawing on over 20 years experience consulting to the NHS, we specialise in health and social care benchmarking, strategic and business planning, service transformation and project management.

Image of a young child receiving treatment from a healthcare professional

Our Experience

Drawing on over 25 years experience consulting to the NHS, we specialise in health and social care benchmarking, strategic and business planning, service transformation and project management.


We utilise our extensive experience across all sectors of the healthcare economy to support our clients to become great commissioners and excellent providers.

As radical change in the healthcare sector continues to unfold, at Benchmark Consulting we fully understand our clients’ need for clear and practical help in adapting to the demands of a more commercial environment.

Our key skills are in working with commissioners, providers and trusts to help them develop and implement the necessary capabilities to deal with the challenges and opportunities identified within the NHS Long Term Plan. Working together in this way we have helped our clients develop the “edge”, which is crucial for sustained performance improvement and lasting success.

Since establishment, all our clients have commissioned repeat or additional work from our team, which evidences the high level of value and level of service provided by our consultants.

We are the official support consultants to the NHS Benchmarking Network and support over 10,000 NHS professionals in achieving organisational change and performance improvement. The NHS Benchmarking Network is the world's largest healthcare benchmarking and good practices forum. We are delighted to be the official support team and value the relationship with members.


Why Benchmark?

  • Our knowledge of the healthcare sector
  • Our experience and capability
  • Our commitment to deliver
  • Our flexibility and versatility
  • Our commercial approach
  • Our empathy with core NHS values

Customised Service

Our work is customised to meet your requirements. As an independent team we can respond quickly and flexibly to meet the demands of your project. We will listen to your concerns and help you work out how to tackle new challenges, as local and national initiatives develop, to gain the best position for your organisation.

Our business is based on getting to know our customers and building strong relationships. We do the work ourselves. We care about the outcome.

Our clients come back to us time and again because they know we will deliver the agreed outputs on time and to budget.

Knowledge and Experience

  • We have extensive experience of benchmarking NHS services and advising on healthcare best practice

  • We bring in depth knowledge of NHS regulatory regimes, commissioning frameworks and service improvement methodologies

  • Our broad customer base across primary and secondary care and links with NHS England and the Department of Health keep us in touch with the latest developments across the sector

  • We have a wide range of skills within our team including a cohort of experienced qualified accountants, information and intelligence analysts and project managers

  • Our excellent analytical skills and commercial judgment help our clients solve problems in a wide range of situations

  • We have extensive project management experience; developing project plans, identifying critical paths and managing large teams towards an agreed deadline

  • We understand and empathise with your teams, achieving project delivery without conflict and tension, leaving a motivated local client team to deliver sustained improvements

  • We support an active network of more than 300 NHS organisations and 8,000 NHS professionals in benchmarking their performance.