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Benchmark Management Consulting Ltd are the contracted research support team to the world's largest healthcare comparison group, the NHS Benchmarking Network, which has over 330 subscribing member organisations.

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The NHS Benchmarking Network

Benchmark Management Consulting Ltd are the contracted research support team to the world's largest healthcare comparison group, the NHS Benchmarking Network, which has over 300 subscribing member organisations.

Benchmark Management Consulting facilitates around 15 benchmarking projects annually for Network members on topics decided by the membership. In addition, we deliver a programme of national events to present project results alongside expert speakers from national bodies and case studies from the membership.  We manage a knowledge exchange forum of over 10,000 healthcare professionals on behalf of the Network.

The Network’s comprehensive work programme for 2019/20 will support members in meeting the national and local priorities outlined in the NHS Long Term Plan.

Network project topics include:

Community Sector

  • Community Services

  • Community Hospitals

  • Community Indicators (monthly collection)

Acute Sector

  • Emergency Care

  • Therapy services, including SLT, Dietetics, Physiotherapy and OT

  • Radiology

  • Managing Frailty and Delayed Transfers of Care in Acute Settings

  • Operating Theatres

  • Outpatients

  • Pharmacy and Medicines Optimisation

Whole System

  • Integrated Care System/ STP Benchmarker

Mental Health Sector

  • Mental Health, including inpatient services and CMHTs


  • Learning Disabilities

Commissioning Sector

  • Urgent Care

  • Pharmacy and Medicines Optimisation

  • Planned Care

  • CCG Functions

  • Primary Care

National Audits

  • National Audit of Intermediate Care

  • National Audit of Care at the End of Life

  • NHS I Learning Disabilities Standards

"Increasing effectiveness and productivity are key components of the NHS long Term Plan. The NHS Benchmarking Network provides a fantastic platform to do just that. The involvement of such a large number of providers combined with the breadth and quality of the data is incredibly powerful. The annual conferences provide a unique opportunity to hear from national experts, learn from others and network with similar organisations. There is nothing else like it and the quality of the over has got stronger every year."

Julian Emms, Chief Executive, Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

We produce comparative benchmarking anaylytics and reports, good practice case studies, and performance improvement checklists for each of the services we benchmark for the Network.

All our Network projects use appropriate technology to meet member needs, examples include:

  • Online data collection

  • Online reporting tools that allow you to view your organisation’s performance against other contributors

  • Peer group profiling

  • Desktop benchmarking toolkits that allow detailed examination and reporting of project outputs

  • Bespoke reports

  • Detailed project reports and good practice compendiums

  • Case studies

We also work with a number of national organisations on areas related to national policy. We have been commissioned to produce research products on a number of topical areas.

These include:

  • National audit of Community Mental Health Services (NHS England)

  • London Mental Health Dashboard (NHS London)

  • Review of Oxfordshire Mental Health Services (Oxfordshire CCG and Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust)

  • Integrated Care Partnerships for secure mental health services (London Providers)

  • International Mental Health comparisons (Department of Health and Social Care)

  • Intermediate Care analytics (Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership)

  • Frailty and Delayed Transfers of Care analytics (Wessex AHSN)

  • Prison Transfers and Remission (NHS England)

  • Integrated Placement Support for mental health services users (NHS England)

  • Early intervention in psychosis (London mental health services)

  • Mental health informatics for commissioners (Public Health England)

  • Use of restraint (Department of Health and Social Care)

  • CAMHS audit in Wales (NHS Wales)

  • Early intervention in psychosis workforce survey (Health Education England)

  • Ambulance services in Wales (NHS Wales)

  • Perinatal mental health (NHS England)

  • Forensic services (NHS England)

  • CAMHS workforce (Health Education England)

  • Older People's Services in the East Midlands (East Midlands Health Science Network)