Benchmark Management Consulting Limited
A team of experienced management consultants focused on the healthcare sector.


We provide consultancy and research services to the healthcare sector, utilising our extensive experience in the health and care system

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Benchmark provides consultancy and research services to the healthcare sector

We utilise our extensive experience across all sectors of the health and care system to support our clients to become great commissioners and excellent providers.

Our Services

We are the official support consultants to the NHS Benchmarking Network and support 300+ healthcare organsations across the UK in achieving organisational change and performance improvement. Learn more or go to The NHS Benchmarking Network website.

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Performance Delivery

We work with clients to develop and deliver performance improvement strategies, drawing on our benchmarking capability and knowledge of good practice.

Business Planning

We facilitate workshops and seminars, to assist you in articulating your business strategy, drafting business plans and supporting the development of your vision and values.

Service Transformation

We can support you with service improvement techniques such as process mapping, combined with our understanding of NHS average investment and staffing levels.


Our Team

Our business is based on getting to know our customers and building strong relationships. We do the work ourselves. We care about the outcome.